Duchamp London. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The picture over at Arsenal.com looks good, too. Arsenal have had Parisian outfitters Lanvin as official suit providers since November 2013 but have now signed a deal, of which more details will be revealed, with Duchamp London ahead of the new season.

The new suits will feature a wonderful red embroidery of the traditional Arsenal crest worn in the 1930s, when Herbert Chapman first gave London’s finest club a taste of success at the highest level.

As he has made over 300 appearances for the club Theo Walcott’s suit jacket will have the lovely touch of featuring a gold crest, rather than a red one.

The new suits will be worn for the first time on Sunday as Arsenal start the Premier League season at home against West Ham United.

Personally I like it when the team turns up in a suit, it gives a classy professional look which we pride ourselves on as a club. The teaser of the new suit on the Arsenal website looks excellent.

Hopefully we will have some success on the pitch while we wear Duchamp London off it. Who knows, maybe they’ll be providing the suits for our next Wembley trip.