Alexis Sanchez was pictured still training on the pitch after our loss to West Ham on Sunday.

In what everyone is hailing as an heroic move, the Chilean continued to jog and train long after final whistle. However, while others think this is fantastic, I can’t help but feel it’s a little irresponsible.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Alexis and I wish the majority of our squad put in half his work rate. However, there’s a break for a reason. He wasn’t supposed to feature at all against the Hammers because he was playing in the Copa America until only recently. He needs to rest, otherwise he risks injury to himself.

Although Wenger has said he’s surprised at how fit the 26-year-old is coming back from the short break he’s had, that doesn’t mean he’s match fit.

I’m assuming the boss will have had to approve the Chilean going for his little afternoon run. Although Alexis has demonstrated before that when he wants to do something, he’ll usually do it.

I remember when he was having a bit of a lull last season but continued to play because he wanted to.

I just hope he’s taking his rest seriously and not risking an injury, which could negatively impact the whole team just because he can’t sit still. As admirable as his drive is, he has to look at the bigger picture.