by Nia Griffiths

Thierry Henry has revealed that he didn’t believe the Invincibles would be spoken about after they won the title, at least not in the way that they have been.

Speaking recently, the Arsenal legend and Sky Sport pundit said he didn’t realise that the Invincibles team would still be getting spoken about to this day. He also admitted that he thinks another team will do it again but even better.

The former forward also spoke about the new season and the competition at the top of the Premier League table. He doesn’t believe Chelsea will win it easily next season by any means.

(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)
(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

About the 2003/04 season, aka the Invincibles, Henry said modestly, “At the time when we did it – I am not going to talk about it even more as we all know the story – we didn’t think people were still going to talk about it and talk about it the way they are talking about it.”

Although he admitted, “I think it will happen again. A team can do it in a better way: less draws, more goals, less goals conceded.”

Henry played for Arsenal for eight years and when he did, it was a very different time. There weren’t nearly as many strong teams at the top of the tables.

When talking about the good old days, the Frenchman reminisced, “In my time, before Chelsea came along to battle with us and Manchester United, you guys knew it was all going to be Arsenal or United winning the league. So the competition was within those two teams.”

Adding, “That is why I think it is harsh, because when you think about it, before this year Chelsea hadn’t won the league for four years, and we all know the amount of time that Arsenal did not win the league.”

He continued, “Have a look at the competition now to win the league. It is very, very, very difficult, so I expect everyone is going to challenge them, everyone is going to try to make sure they can win the title.

“Because if I said to you: ‘City cannot have the same season again, Arsenal cannot stay another year without winning the league, United won’t accept not winning the league two years in a row’ – that does not go down too well over there. What about Liverpool? So I expect everyone to challenge them.”

He’s right. The top six of the Premier League is getting tighter and tighter as more talent eyes up a move to our league. One bad week and you can ruin your season, never to regain your previous position again.

SOURCEEvening Standard
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