by Lewis Ambrose

Even before the signing of Petr Čech was confirmed, rumours began to circulate regarding the future of Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina.

One of the most prevalent rumours came from Turkey, claiming that Fenerbahce were close to agreeing a deal for the Arsenal goalkeeper which would be completed when he was finished representing his country at the Copa América.

That, clearly, didn’t happen and the Arsenal goalkeeper has already reiterated his desire to fight for his place at Arsenal.

Now the Turkish club have denied ever being after him, according to

With Čech almost certain to be Arsène Wenger’s first-choice heading into the new season it gives the manager a slight headache. He has invested a lot of time into Wojciech Szczesny and clearly believes the Pole has the talent to be a top goalkeeper.

However, he won’t want three senior goalkeepers in the squad with two of them agitated and merely fighting over a place on the bench. Competition inspires the best in players and it is good to have a deep squad but, especially with the wages they will likely be on, Arsenal don’t need three senior goalkeepers.

Emiliano Martínez is likely to leave on loan, and Everton are allegedly interested in Ospina. The Colombian will seek talks with Wenger when he returns from his holiday, and surely then the Arsenal manager will decide to try and sell him.