by Nia Griffiths

Petr Cech has revealed to Lidovky that he appreciates what Roman Abramovich has done for him in letting him not only leave with a year left on his contract but to a rival.

The goalkeeper has shown gratitude to the Chelsea owner (although not manager, Jose Mourinho) several times since leaving. He was also, interestingly, asked about Abromivich’s relationship with Vladimir Putin. However, Cech admitted he never got the chance to quiz the former on his political views.

Petr Cech
Petr Cech (via Google)

Speaking about his choice to leave Chelsea and join Arsenal, the keeper suggests that the final decision was down to Abramovich, saying, I worked for eleven years at the club and I am very glad for what I have done for Chelsea, Mr Abramovich’s appreciated. Although I still had a contract for a year, he let me go and moreover he did not mind that I went to the competition.”

When asked about whether he knew much about the Chelsea owner and Russian President’s connection to each other, he didn’t seem to know too much.

“The political situation in Russia is complicated. It is what it is, but he is one of those people that really helps the sport in the whole of Russia. He’s also helped the national team. It’s not just about Chelsea, sport is a huge hobby. Regarding politics, I’ve never had the opportunity to talk with him, that’s not my thing.”

Although Google translate isn’t known for its reliability, I can’t imagine Cech has ever been asked a stranger selection of questions in one interview. Although I could be wrong.

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