by Lewis Ambrose

On their way to lifting the Copa América in the summer Chile had a fiery encounter with Uruguay in the quarter-finals.

Edinson Cavani was sent off after squaring up to Gonzalo Jara, who had provoked the PSG striker by oddly poking at his behind. As the game went on Uruguay became increasingly frustrated and increasingly physical as a result.

Too physical, in fact. Alexis Sánchez even said that one player said he had kicked him more than enough as the game ended. In the closing stages of the match a late challenge from Jorge Fucile saw him sent off, with Alexis left writhing around on the floor somewhat theatrically.

Fucile accused Alexis of having a ‘mental problem’ last week, still bitter about the manner in which he was dismissed, but the Arsenal star has now responded cooly.

 “I do not care,” Alexis told Chilean newspaper La Tercera.

“I’m on vacation. And now I’ve come to be happy with children of Tocopilla.”

While he didn’t deny that he has a mental problem, Alexis merely brushed off such a ridiculous and insulting comment. The red card may have been harsh but, weeks later, this is a stupid thing to say about a fellow professional.

As far as I’m concerned Alexis Sánchez is more or less perfect, with no problems whatsoever.

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