by Lewis Ambrose

This is a subject I think I’ll cover in more depth at a later date, but it has to be said that Wenger’s plan has gone just the way it should.

For a long time Arsenal had to really on building around cheap young talent, developing those players and then possibly losing them for big fees when they grew impatient.

Maybe they should never have grown impatient but the business plan ensured they would be sold for huge profits and we could continue replacing them for little money as we wrestled with the stadium debt.

The plan hasn’t changed, it has gone just fine.


We are now into the next period of the plan – benefiting from a stadium move which was aimed to give us parity with clubs with outside backing or bigger commercial deals.

As a result we can pay bigger wages, bigger fees, and sign bigger, older, more established names. Mesut Özil, Alexis Sanchez, and maybe now Petr Cech.


Now is the time for credit to be given where it is due – Arsenal couldn’t compete financially and thanks to Arsene Wenger keeping us fairly close (always in the Champions League, guaranteeing huge revenue) we now are in a position to go for the very best players.

So when nonsense is spouted by people saying ‘I told you so’ it is all rather short-sighted and pathetic.

Yet again Adrian Durham has undermined the Arsenal manager, claiming that he has finally realised what had to be done all along.

It’s almost certainly another trolling campaign, and one that I have fallen victim of, but it is views from people in the media that influence people into thinking Arsenal have done a poor job.

Had Arsene Wenger spent a load of money 2006-2013 Arsenal would be an unstable mess in the midts of financial uncertainty.

Now we are a club that can go in for the biggest and best players when they’re available. Thanks to absolutely no investment from a Sheikh or an oligarch we can now buy some of the best players in Europe and challenge for the league.

By now that would have been impossible with any other approach.


If Durham thinks he could have done this all along I would absolutely love it (accidental Keegan) if he was put in charge down the Seven Sisters Road.

Let’s see what splurging money WHILE paying for a stadium does to a club and watch him destroy Tottenham Hotspur.

Failing that, let’s see the imbecile from talkSPORT fired out of a cannon and straight into the sun.

They’re just hypotheticals, of course.

Working for talkSPORT and writing for the Daily Mail seem an apt punishment for such an unintelligent and demeaning provocateur.

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