by Lee Hurley

He was one-on-one with Victor Valdes and had the chance to put Arsenal through to the Champions League quarter finals against all the odds in Barcelona.

He fluffed his lines and, perhaps, put the final nail in his Arsenal career, even though it would be another few years before he finally left for good.

Now plying his trade in Germany with Wolfsburg, a club at which he has yet to really establish himself, the Great Dane is still hopeful of making it to a Champions League final one day.

“Now I have even just been in a semi-final,” Bendtner said“If I had reached a finale, it would obviously been even better. 

“But there’s time yet and I do hope that it can happen to a footballer is one of the largest you can reach.”

Unable to ever live down the comments he once made about wanting to be the best striker on the planet, Bendtner has squandered his talent and now, at 27, he finds time running out.


Determined not to leave Arsenal for a club not in the Champions League, he ended up wasting a season at Juventus before returning to Arsenal where he was given a chance to really show what he could do.

He failed to take that chance and was sold to Wolfsburg after much crying about Arsenal making it impossible for him to leave (his wage demands were actually what was causing the problems).

After just one season in the Bundesliga his future is already uncertain with the club not overly impressed with what he has delivered and the player not overly impressed by the amount of minutes he’s getting.

It’s almost like he can’t see what the common denominator is at every club he’s played for.