Jack Wilshere has been speaking after the loss against Swansea City and he reckons the reason we lost is partly because our teams are too similar.

Swansea are the only team so far to get six points out of us this season and considering, with all due respect, we should be beating them, it’s getting rather silly. In fact, since the Swans were promoted to the Premier League in 2011, we’ve always had a bit of trouble beating them.

Midfielder Wilshere tried to explain why when addressing the media after the match, saying, “I’m not sure. When we play against a team like Swansea, it’s always a tough game because they want to keep possession as well as we do.”

He explained further, “It almost plays into our hands when we play against a team that wants to be more direct and we can pick them off and play through them. [Swansea] want to play in a similar way to us, so it’s almost like you play, we play. I felt in the first half we dominated the game and in the second half we did enough to win the game.

“When you create that many chances at this level, you need to put one away or you’ll get punished,” he added.

Swansea are now on course to potentially nab a Europa League spot, while it looks like our loss will result in us finishing third instead of second – hardly the disaster of the decade.

As long as we learn from our mistakes and recognise where we went wrong, there’s not much else we can do.