They wanted him.

We all know they did.

After they sold Luis Suarez to Barcelona, Liverpool wanted to replace him with Alexis Sanchez.

Problem was, Alexis didn’t want to go to Liverpool and Arsene Wenger stepped in and swept him off to London.

Now, speaking to the press in the run up to the game against Swansea at the Emirates on Monday night, the Arsenal boss has explained just what, exactly happened.

If Liverpool hadn’t sold Suarez to Barcelona, Sanchez would not now be an Arsenal player.

After all their antics, and their refusal to honour Suarez’s buy-out clause, how sweet is that?

“What you want more than to [sign a player early] is to do it right,” Wenger said

“Sometimes an opportunity comes up early. Last year we signed Sanchez early in the window. You take the opportunity when it comes up.

“Sometimes the opportunity is decided by the other club. Sanchez became available because Barcelona signed Luis Suarez.

“You always have to be on alert and fix your target, do it when it’s possible but you aren’t the only ones who can decide.”

Karma, biatches.

That’s what that is.

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