With the season drawing to a close and a top three finish all but confirmed there are now two main talking points.

Have Arsenal made progress this season? Will Arsenal spend in the summer?

The answers to those questions will ultimately decide whether or not Arsenal have competed for the Premier League title this time next year.

After Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Old Trafford Sky pundits Graeme Souness and Thierry Henry discussed what Arsenal should do in the summer.


“If you’re a big football club and you’re not strengthening you’re actually standing still, because all the other big teams will be strengthening” said Souness.

“And that’s a dangerous game.

“This group of players, have they got better since the first half of the season? Most certainly. Could you get players in two or three positions? Certainly. Can Arsenal do it? Certainly.”

But should we? And do we need to?

“I think if you ask 100 Arsenal supporters the answer would be unequivocal, it would be ‘Yes’.”

Souness wasn’t alone, with Arsenal legend Henry saying we have to spend just to keep the pace with the teams around us.

“You know Chelsea are going to do it, you know Man City are going to do it, and definitely Man United.

“Arsenal need to do it.”

We have improved in the second half of the season but yesterday showed we aren’t yet the finished article. The squad is already big, but players can be improved upon.

Since the financial shackles came off Arsène Wenger has shown he has nothing against spending money as long as the players brought in improve the team.

We do need to improve but – as the manager always says – only if the right players are available. Only on players who would improve the team.

I’m sure there will be players of that ilk available but with everyone else vying to improve we may face stiff competition.

Right now it’s hard to gauge how much Wenger thinks we need improving ahead of next season, but we will surely sign a couple of players at least.