With one year left on his contract with Arsenal, forward Lukas Podolski has spoken about the uncertainty surrounding his future at both Inter Milan and Arsenal.

The German, whom we bought from Cologne in 2012, has been out on loan at Inter Milan this season after getting restless sitting on the bench for us.

The forward has previously said he wanted to return to Arsenal but now it’s unclear whether he will.

Speaking to Sky (via Football Italia), the 29-year-old said, “I train hard every day. I always want to play, but that’s up to the Coach. The important thing is to always have something to aim for. I can’t say now where I’ll be next year, I still have a year’s contract in London and I haven’t spoken with other clubs.

He continued, “I don’t know if I’ll stay here, but I’m open to any possibility. We’ll see what the future holds. I can stay here, go back to London or move elsewhere. I’ll make the right decision for myself and my family.”

He continued to speak about his immediate future with Inter Milan, saying, “It’s not easy when you come to a new League, especially a big, tough one like Serie A. I had to adjust, but I think I’ve succeeded now. We can get into the Europa League, we have four games to play and we’ll try and win them all. It’s true that we have two difficult games against Lazio and Juventus, but we’ll try to win them all if we can.

He added, “It’s not totally in our hands, we’re depending on those above us losing at least one game, but I’m confident about ourselves.”

I do feel for the bloke because it seems like he just wants to play football but he’s finding it hard to fit into either side’s first team.

I think he’d be a great squad player to have, as his record coming off the bench speaks for himself, but the question is whether he’d be willing to fall right back into the same situation that made him want to leave in the first place.