Many Arsenal fans – myself included – somewhat naively predicted that Swansea City might come to Arsenal and bring us a good game, as they have in previous seasons, but apparently this was never the plan.

Swansea manager, Garry Monk, said after the game that to essentially park to bus against the Gunners had been not only the plan but something they’ve been practicing in training all week.

“It was the plan we set up with. We worked all week on it. The players were magnificent,” he said. “We had to ride a couple of chances but you expect that here and I always thought we could create chance or two ourselves. I’ve just tried to make them adaptable. We’ve won games dominating possession and we’ve won games like tonight.”

He describes this as not being boring but having respect for our attacking style of play.

“We had to pay respect to Arsenal, had to defend and put bodies on the line and we did that really well.”

In all honesty, I can’t really begrudge them. Swansea parking the bus at the Emirates is very different to Chelsea – the title winners with a multi-million pound attack – parking the bus. Swansea did the best they could with what they have and it paid off.

Perhaps we were unlucky to have them score from one of their only chances on target. Perhaps we were unlucky to not score any of ours. However, no matter what way you look at it, the Swans came away with the three points.