A new twist in the Edinson Cavani transfer saga has arisen, making it look even more unlikely that he could be joining Arsenal, if that was even possible.

The 28-year-old forward, who has been played out wide for much of his time at Paris Saint-Germain, has piped up about his preferred playing position and why this might be a deal-breaker when it comes to his potential new club.

Speaking recently the striker said, “I have not really been able to play as a central striker with PSG. When I arrived at PSG, I had to change position and play on the wing. People don’t understand how that can affect my performance. I could be clinical and score more goals if I was positioned as a true centre-forward and not a winger.”

Edinson Cavani
(Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty

On his future, he said, “I prefer playing centre-forward. But I don’t know what will happen next season.”

Although I doubt many Arsenal fans were under the illusion that the Uruguayan might actually come to the Gunners, the fact that he’d want to play centrally, in Olivier Giroud’s place, makes the transfer seem even more of a reach.

There is no way Arsene Wenger would put so much time and faith into developing Giroud – successfully, I might add – only to push him aside for a ‘big name player‘. It’s completely the opposite of what the boss is about.

Not only this but it would have a knock-on affect for the rest of the team. Giroud would be benched because I don’t see Wenger suddenly playing four-four-two out of nowhere, then where would Danny Welbeck, who we’ve effectively only just bought from Manchester United, fit into all this? Would he remain on the bench, pushing another player downwards or would he be moved to our reserves?

The more you consider what buying Cavani and having him play as a central striker would do the squad, the less appealing he looks.

His father, Luis Cavani, has also stepped forward to offer his take on the situation, saying, “Now, no, we are waiting for PSG’s season to finish, then we’ll be ready to meet and speak with Juve.”

However, he did describe Juventus as “a great club, the best in Italy” – which sounds like the footballing equivalent of flirting, to me. He added “You’d need to speak with PSG to know whether the club has the intention of selling Edinson.”

He also denied any contact with Manchester United at this point.

Although all that’s really clear is that he’s leaving PSG, in all honesty, it looks like the bloke is off to Juventus and I’m totally fine with that.