The Forbes list of the most valuable football clubs in 2015 has been released and, although much remains unchanged from last year, Arsenal have moved down the list.

In 2014, Arsenal sat at number five in the list worth $1.33bn, behind Real Madrid ($3.44bn), Barcelona ($3.2bn), Manchester United ($2.81bn) and Bayern Munich ($1.85bn) (via Forbes).

However, this year there’s been a slightly change. We’re now worth an estimated $1.31bn, while Chelsea, who were originally below us, have moved above, now worth $1.37bn.

The bigger shock (or not, depending on how you look at it) is that Manchester City, who formerly sat at seventh, now sit above Chelsea, worth $1.38bn.

AC Milan have also moved down two places and Liverpool have moved up two, effectively swapping places.

As Sport Witness points out in their report, our slight fall in value is unusual but could be attributed to something as simple as the fluctuations in currency.

The real eye-opener is Man City’s rise.