Ahead of our FA Cup semi-final, the manager has been speaking about our recent success and recognising just how rare this type of run is.

Arsenal are currently on one of their best runs of form in recent years and it’s not luck that’s got them there. Again, Arsene Wenger references the all-important ‘balance‘ of the team and the need to maintain this.

“The confidence level needs to be there,” the boss said. “[You also need] personnel available, to know each other better and have a better balance in your team between attacking and defending.”

He also explained how everything has to ‘click at the right moment‘ in order to enjoy this kind of form, describing it as a ‘luxury‘ and reiterating the need for the team to have ‘confidence‘ and ‘urgency‘.

“If you look in Europe, there are only three teams that have won eight games on the trot,” he added.

He also added that, although having the perfect balance and confidence is good, ultimately, the team need to be hungry for success; they need to want to win and be willing to fight for it with everything they have.

“But on the other hand as well, you need to keep the urgency level and the desire and the hunger at a very high level to continue it.”

Hopefully we see this ‘hunger‘ against Reading this weekend.

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