Danny Welbeck may be a United fan, but he doesn’t half know how to win the Arsenal fans around.

Scoring the winning goal at Old Trafford and then celebrating it was simply delightful and, perhaps, an indicator of how angry he feels at being discarded by Louis van Gaal who said he wasn’t good enough to play for United (unlike, say Falcao).

So speaking to BBC’s Football Focus, it comes as no surprise that the Arsenal man says that he doesn’t care what the United manager says about him.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion – some you like, some you don’t,” he said.

“It’s football, it’s life. You deal with it.

“You’ve got to be strong mentally living the life of being a professional footballer – there’s a lot of people out to get you.

“Everyone is watching. You just have to be switched on all the time.”

We suspect he probably does care a little bit, but in the right way – taking the criticism and using it to spur himself on.

That can only benefit Arsenal, so keep talking, Louis…we’ll keep loving Danny.