After attending the Arsenal v Liverpool match, which the Gunners won 4-1, Harry Redknapp claims he was attacked while leaving.

The ex-Queens Park Rangers manager attended the Emirates for the tie between top-four contenders Arsenal and Liverpool. He enjoyed the game, admitting that Arsenal were ‘fantastic‘.

Upon leaving the stadium, he took pictures with a few fans, Arsenal-supporters included. However, his visit turned sour when he pulled up in traffic and some Arsenal fans at the pub started reportedly pelting the ex-Tottenham Hotspur coach with coins.

“Suddenly about 15 blokes outside of a pub there go off and I’m stuck in the traffic. They see me and bang, (they start) throwing coins and giving me abuse.

“You know, it’s unreal. It’s always the small minority so they can spoil it for the rest and that for me is a big problem.”

It is indeed embarrassing to be linked with situations such as this because, as a club, we try to conduct ourselves with class. Showing respect to rivals and ex-rivals often comes part and parcel of this. A bit of jeering and booing on the pitch is part of football and often adds to the atmosphere.

However, personal insults and physical attacks are not acceptable.

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