Us fans are weird.

Arsenal have just put together one of the longest winning streaks in its illustrious history. We’re second in the league and have an eminently winnable FA Cup semi-final on Saturday, plus the squad is as healthy as it has been in years.

So what’s the story most Arsenal fans are talking about this week?

‘Is Hector Bellerin faster than an Olympic sprinter?!?!’ 


Imagine if that same story came out but Arsenal had lost its last three games instead of winning its last eight. The outcry would be stupendous:

Why are you talking about this? The team stinks! Tell us why!!!!!’

‘Nobody cares! Wenger OUT!!!!!’

‘Your site sucks! You’re ignoring that we lost so that you can get page views! Clickbait!!!!!!!!!’

We want to hear about why our team is losing, but when our team is winning nobody wants to know why.

The result is only important when we win, and the performance is only important if we lose. We’ve boxed ourselves into a place where talking about how our team plays is only of interest to us when we don’t like what we’re seeing.

You’d think it should be the opposite way around, that the last thing we’d want to talk about is how the team is failing, as opposed to succeeding. Yet it seems like misery does indeed love company.

The worst possible outcome for an Arsenal website aiming to provide up-to-date coverage of everything that happens around the club, such as Daily Cannon, is a 1-0 win, because nobody wants to know why we won.

They just care that we won.

But because we’re football fans, we have to argue about something. 

Football is one long argument, and if we can’t argue amongst ourselves over differing reasons as to why we’re losing, and we can’t argue with fans of other clubs when we’re winning because they don’t want to talk to us about us winning, then how do we fill that vacuum?

Stories about how quick Arsenal defenders are, that’s how. Because there’s nothing anyone else is talking about. There’s nothing else worth debating. Nothing. Look, I’ll show you.

Is Francis Coquelin the answer to Arsenal’s defensive midfield problems?

No. He’s in the form of his life, but this is the first time in his Arsenal career that he’s been playing in his best position, just in front of the back four. He’s also been given one last unexpected chance at a life as a top-level footballer. Is it any wonder that he’s playing like a man possessed?

I’m not saying he’s just a money-grabber, but the prospect of long-term financial security is a powerful motivator, and the achievement of attaining that security is just as powerful a de-motivator. Arsenal is littered with examples of this; Emmanuel Adebayor, Nicklas Bendtner, Emmanuel Eboue, etc etc. If Coquelin is our second-best defensive midfielder, we can win the league. If he’s our best one, we can’t.

Should Arsenal give £20m and Theo Walcott for Raheem Sterling?

No. You’re paying £20m to trade a 26-year-old pacey forward who has yet had the chance to play meaningful minutes surrounded by our big signings, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, for a 20-year-old pacey forward who may not get in first team if everyone is fit.

I know Arsenal is swimming in cash right now, but if you really think that Theo Walcott isn’t good enough for Arsenal, then buying someone who is of equal quality now to replace him is not the way to go about it. Yes, Sterling could be better in two years, but so could Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain or Serge Gnabry. We have enough young talent.

Also, if you think Liverpool will sell us Raheem Sterling for anything approaching market value, then I have two words for you: Luis Suarez.

This isn’t happening.

Jurgen Klopp is leaving Borussia Dortmund at the end of the season! Should we sack Wenger now so that we don’t miss out on hiring Klopp?

This one stinks. I was so hoping that Klopp would be still at Dortmund in 2017 when Arsene Wenger’s contract is up, because I’ve always thought he was the perfect fit for us. High tempo, high pressing football with a desire to build a club gradually from within instead of just buying players from everywhere in search of a quick fix. What more do you want?

Yet now, it’s not going to happen. We all know that Wenger is in control over when he leaves the club, and there is no possible footballing reason that would explain him leaving in the summer. Arsenal have been the best team in the country since the start of the year and he has at least £50m to spend in the summer to improve on what he has. No-one would leave that job, never mind someone who has spent the last decade planning to be there.

Anything else? Because this is supposed to be a 900 word column and I’ve got 70 words to fill and the only other story of note this week is the upcoming semi-final vs Reading and I don’t want to talk about it for the same reason everyone else isn’t talking about it, because nobody wants to be the guy who says it’ll be an easy game and jinx it and then get death threats on Twitter, even though we all think it’ll be an easy game and will say so as we go 3-0 up early in the second half.

Like I said, us fans are weird.

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