Is there anything worse than a small time club?

For years Arsenal fans have had to put up with Tottenham trying to keep up with the powerhouse of North London, but now they have another city club to deal with in addition.

Since Abramovich arrived on the scene with his megabucks, Chelsea fans have been trying to convince anyone who will listen that their club does in fact have a rich and glorious history.

Fifty years without a league title says otherwise.

And so to their latest gaffe – a group of deluded Chelsea fans have been at it again recently, trying to prove their superiority by ‘decorating‘ some of the landmarks around the Emirates Stadium with Chelsea colours.

In an apparent attempt to blot out the giant ARSENAL letters which stand at the bottom of the Danny Fiszman Bridge, they have placed cheap and nasty plastic signs in front.

However, instead of blotting out the letters, they have instead contrived to see the ARSENAL letters tower high over their wannabe efforts.

Just more evidence of a club and a fanbase so desperate for respectability but so hopelessly misguided in how to attain it.

Try building your own timeless stadium, and then you can decorate it how you like.

In the meantime you’re just exacerbating the difference between your temporary place at the top and our permanence.