Stan Kroenke’s son, Josh, is adamant that Arsenal are not a distraction for his family and their other sports enterprises.

Josh (I’ll call him that not to be familiar but to differentiate him from his father) joined the Arsenal board at the end of 2013 and was speaking with the Denver Post when he was asked if his involvement with Arsenal, the St. Louis Rams as well as a Los Angeles stadium project could possibly be serving to distract him from his other roles as President of the Denver Nuggets (basketball) and Colorado Avalanche (ice hockey).

“I wouldn’t say ‘distracted’ is the word at all,” he replied. “We have great people in great positions in all those organizations. I don’t think anyone’s distracted at all. If anything, we’re all focused even more.”

Asked if his teams, specifically the Nuggets and Avalanche, ever ‘interlock’, Josh said “They’re completely separate entities. But I think that it’s good that they cross-pollinate ideas when they can. Sports are sports. But we run all the teams separately. I think that when the coaches are around each other they might share an idea or two about how to handle certain situations, but all sports are different,” a reply that certainly could be stretched out to include Arsenal as well.

His philosophy seems like one that fits very well with the Arsenal model as well, as his reply when challenged about caring for one sport more than another, shows “Im one of the most competitive people that you guys will meet, so I want to win. I want to win as fast as I can, but I also understand it’s a process. So we’re not going to jump just to try and satisfy something that someone says we should be doing. We’re going to keep building, we’re going to stay patient, and at the end of the day, we’re going to win.”

Josh is a non-executive director on the Arsenal board, an appointment that was welcomed (how could it not be when his father owns the club) by Sir Chips, the Arsenal chairman, who said “We are delighted to welcome Josh Kroenke to the board of Arsenal. He has great experience in running sports organisations and brings extensive knowledge of what is required to succeed as we develop our Club for the future.”

He has been with the Nugget’s now for eight seasons and their President for three.

He is 34 and said at the time of his appointment to the Arsenal board “It is an honour to join the board of Arsenal. This reaffirms our family’s long-term commitment to the Club.

“Arsenal is in a strong position on and off the pitch. We are enjoying a period of growth for Arsenal and the Premier League. We look forward to an exciting future that includes winning trophies, increasing our already impressive support around the globe and extending our commercial opportunities.

“We strongly feel our experience in sports management, marketing and broadcast will be an asset to an already impressive board.”