Urgh, is there anything worse than a game that involves Jose Mourinho?

In addition to our extensive pre-match coverage of the game, we got our writers together for a short prediction on how they thought the game would pan out.

Here’s how that went

Lee Hurley Win 2-0

Urgh. Maybe next time.

Helen Trantum Win 2-0

Well, that was dull, wasn’t it?

I stand by my prediction in the sense that if we’d manage to convert one of our chances here or there then we’d have forced them to come out and could have nicked a second.

That said, we were a little short on cutting edge with Alexis in particular struggling to find his range once he got close to the box, and also messing up a chance where we had a big overload but therefore never ultimately came to fruition.

I might not have got my prediction right, but I’m darned sure I got my team right – imagine watching that turgidity every week!

Arsene might never have beaten Mourinho, but Mourinho has never won at the Emirates, and on today’s showing it’s not hard to see why!

Stephen Bradley Draw 0-0

I hate to say I told you so……….

Paul Williams Win 2-0

For once, I think a comment from me is probably irrelevant as I didn’t see the game – I know, blame the World Snooker Championship and a certain Ronnie O’Sullivan!

I’ll just say this, Chelsea are the Mark Selby of football.

Only, apparently, more effective.

Sylvain Jamet Draw 2-2

Well I had a draw but I thought there would be some goals. It is a valuable point especially in the race for second place.

Lewis Ambrose Draw 1-1

I had a 1-1 draw but the tactics, predictable as they were, were right.

Nobody can be surprised and I don’t think anyone should be too disappointed – that’s what I find confusing.

Nia Griffiths Draw 2-2

Although I predicted a draw, I figured both teams might score a couple. I – somewhat naively – didn’t predict Chelsea’s parking-of-the-bus, which in hindsight I probably should have.

I do feel like we played better and deserved the win but the fact we didn’t leaves a bit (a lot) of a sour taste.

We had some prime chances but we just missed that sting in our tail in the box.

As much as I think we’ll do well next season and can challenge for the league, winning these matches is crucial – if only for morale.

Ah well, at least it wasn’t a loss, I guess.

Sean Ferguson Win 1-0

Earlier on Sunday, I was fairly confident about this game that I thought my 1-0 prediction would become reality.

It only took until kick off for the nerves to set in and I was adamant we’d lose a good 3-0. We played fairly well in most areas apart from the final third.

Alexis was having an off day and Giroud had nothing to work off so that made things fairly bleak as it was hard to see where we were going to grab a goal.

Still, one point is better than none in our position. Probably go for Bellerin or Monreal for man of the match which tells you all you need to know about our goal scoring threat in this game!

Mark Fine Draw 1-1

Chelsea are worn and tired – check.

Not been playing well – check.

No strikers fit to play – check.

Chelsea reverting to bus mode – check.

Frustratingly low-scoring game for both sides – check.

1-1 draw – wrong, and no sideline fight.

To be fair, I had this picked for a point back in the beginning of February. Three would have been nice, but it still helps solidify second down the road with a game in hand.

Not upset at all by the draw, nor our play, which I thought was good despite the missed chances.

Anita Sambol Win 1-0

I was so nervous about this since Saturday morning, even though I had a hunch we’d win it.

0-0 was a result most of people on my Twitter timeline predicted.

It’s Mourinho.

We haven’t scored against them in years, so what else?

You could say it’s one point gained and not two lost, but I can’t help think we had them.

We had some great chances.

Mourinho got what they came for, but that celebration at the end was f’ing annoying and really annoyed me more than all the rolling and play-acting they did during the game.

Glad Soler was mostly invisible. Coq had another great match, as did  Nacho and Bellerin. Per was great too.

Up front we should have been better, Giroud didn’t get many chances. Ah, I’m rambling. I’m annoyed but at the end it’s a good point and we can snatch that second now. Thanks, Everton.

Charlotte Marshall Draw 0-0

Missing assumed drunk…which is a shame as this is the first prediction she’s got right!

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