Cesc Fabregas has admitted that he’s still grateful to Arsenal despite receiving a quite hostile reception upon his return to the Emirates.

The Chelsea man, who did little during the game besides getting booked for diving (how much do you appreciate a club you’re willing to cheat against to win a penalty?) said to reporters after the match

“I’m grateful for the life they gave me. Some people will be disappointed in me for the reasons why I left but I am grateful forever.”

Grateful or not, both sides needs to move on.

Arsenal fans will never agree over Fabregas, with many disgusted by how he forced a move from the club, reports of him going on strike and him willing to take a paycut to return to Barcelona.

Others are more angry at him for opting to join Chelsea despite clearly wanting to come back to Arsenal while yet more still will always remember him fondly for what he did while he was with Arsenal.

As we won’t have to play them again until next season, I’d like to think that would be the end of the Cesc talk but we all know that when Chelsea lift their league title we’ll have to listen to people yammer on about how long he was at Arsenal and how he never won it.

Perhaps if Arsenal had spent all their money on players instead of a stadium during that period he might have.

It’s easy to buy things, building them is much harder.

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