A – quite frankly – embarrassing video of Arsenal fans singing homophobic lyrics to the tune of a Lily Allen song has been posted and promptly deleted from Twitter following Arsenal’s 2-1 win against Reading in the FA Cup.

The video, which shows a group of fans homophobic lyrics about Ashley Cole, is currently being investigated by the Metropolitan police.

Arsenal is a club that continues to proudly shown support for the LGBTQIA community and the actions of this group of fans this weekend isn’t just detrimental to the progress we’ve made as a club, but to football as a whole.

Normalising this kind of repugnant behaviour, which is often disguised as jovial and ‘not a big deal‘, is what prevents the sport from being a safe space for the community.

Not seeing an issue with videos such as these is a huge step backwards.

I sincerely hope the police and club take serious action against the people involved.

We’ll see how hilarious their song is then.

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