Are Manchester City really going to throw £30m at Arsenal for Jack Wilshere and, if they do, are Arsenal honestly going to sell to a rival when they don’t need to?


At Daily Cannon, we’ve been keeping up-to-date with Wilshere’s unlikely move to the Sky Blues.

The new claim, without any evidence whatsoever, comes courtesy of The Week who say that Man City are looking to pay £30m for the midfielder.

Arsene Wenger has denied the need to sell, especially to rivals, at this point in time and I honestly believe we wouldn’t. Particularly with Jack Wilshere who, although has been struck down with numerous injuries and hasn’t quite reached his potential, possibly as a result of his stop-start career, Wenger has kept faith in.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the likelihood of this transfer being any more than paper talk is low at best.

Although Wilshere is yet to fit back into the first team, having him in the squad is valuable and I don’t see Wenger wavering on this one, no matter the price.

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