We’re getting to that time of year when headlines take on a mind of their own and essentially say something completely different to the body of the article.

This morning’s Express has decided to go with the reach that Edison Cavani is going to stamp his feet for a move away from Paris Saint-Germain to Arsenal (or Manchester United) this summer as they screamed:

‘Cavani’s Man Utd OR Arsenal demand’

Edinson Cavani
(Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty

This isn’t necessarily a new story. We’ve been linked with signing Cavani for roughly 139 years and we’ve reported on this extensively, and why it’s both unlikely and unnecessary.

However, the quotes provided as irrefutable evidence this time are A) from that all-knowing ‘source-close-to-the-player‘, who really loves to get around, and B) say nothing about moving to any specific team.

“There is no question that he will not stay one more season if the sporting situation doesn’t change. This is the bottom line,” the knowledgeable ‘source‘ babbled to French paper Le Parisien. “Edinson understood that, in the interests of the team, he had to play on the right side and he has done that for two years now.”

As you can see, absolutely nothing about a move to anywhere, just about a move away from PSG if his situation doesn’t change. That’s of course if you even want to trust the word of a ‘source‘.