Imagine the scene – you’ve just won the League Cup.

You’re supposed to be happy, and you’re doing a great job of looking like you are.

Your teammate is by your side, you’re speaking to the camera, you’re celebrating winning the first trophy with your new club.

You share the gem: it feels good, a trophy is a trophy, you want to celebrate.”

You don’t exactly sound convincing, as if you don’t really think the trophy is very important, but at least you’re making the right noises.

And then the interviewer pulls the pin out of a hand grenade:

“You’ve played for Arsène Wenger, you’ve played at Barcelona. What is special about Chelsea and Jose Mourinho?”

Do you (a) fudge about how you’ve played under a number of great managers, but this moment is about the team, do you (b) remember who pays your salary and wax lyrical about your current manager, or do you (c) respond like Cesc Fabregas:

“I will tell you in five years when my contract expires.”

Way to put a downer on the moment, Cesc!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the Spaniard feels greater allegiance to the Arsenal manager, given that he gave him his first break in senior football, nurtured his talent, and made him captain of the club at a very young age.

He is after all a manager renowned for caring about not just the footballer, but the man behind the talent too.

It was clear throughout his time at Barcelona that Fabregas harboured great affection for both the club and the manager, and although the tweets relating to those sentiments have now largely been deleted so as not to offend Chelsea fans, it’s unlikely that the feelings have greatly changed.

The same can’t really be said of Arsenal fans’ feelings towards Fabregas though.

Enjoy your League Cup, Cesc, and remember the man who gave you your debut in that competition back in 2003.

He’s a champion, a professor, and above all a gentleman.

We can all see why you would rate him above Mourinho.

Just a word of friendly advice though – it’s probably a bit career limiting if you continue to agree quite so publicly.

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