Park Chu-Young has headed back to South Korea to play for FC Seoul.

The striker, who was hijacked by Arsenal on deadline day in 2011, was playing for Al-Shabab in Saudi Arabia on a one-year contract.

He played for them seven times and scored one goal.

Captain of his country and a relatively decent goalscorer before his move to London, I don’t think anyone knows why Arsenal bought him in the first place and I don’t think it’s being out of line to say that the club had a massively negative influence on his career.


Losing not only the captaincy of his national team but also his place in the squad, Park was eventually farmed out on loan, first to Celta Vigo and then Watford before his contract was cancelled to allow him to pick up the pieces of his career.

I normally defend Arsenal in most matters but in this I do feel they behaved fairly shoddily.

Whatever the reason for purchasing Park in the first place, the way he was (un)used at the club was not right, especially given the fact he was just about to sign for Lille when Arsenal turned his head.

With a number of playing years left, hopefully he can resurrect some semblance of form.

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