Phil Neville gets paid real, cash money to voice his opinions on football.

True story.

The former-Manchester United man, who said that he would ‘two-foot’ Tomas Rosicky for doing a look-away pass, has now claimed that Arsenal will fail to qualify for the Champions League for the first time under Arsene Wenger.

This is the sort of stuff we’re used to hearing at the start of the season, not near the end of it when Arsenal are bearing down on second-place having lost only two league games in three months, topping the form table and welcoming back a number of key players with others bang in form.

It is the opinion of an idiot.

Speaking to the Express, the lesser-talented Neville brother said “For me Chelsea are going to win the league. I think they’ll win it with three or four games to spare,” as he consulted his crystal ball. “I’m going for an outside bet of Manchester United finishing second and then I’m for City and Liverpool.”

That’s Liverpool, the side who are six points behind Arsenal with just eight games left to play, the same Liverpool who blew their chance of ending a 25-year wait for a league title last season and have only managed to qualify for Europe’s elite competition once in the last five years over the best side in the world at ensuring they finish in the top four.

The logic that Neville uses to make his stupid prediction is a secret as he doesn’t explain his thinking in the slightest. That’s probably because he can’t and just says the first thing that comes into his head regardless of the reality of the situation.

Paid for his opinions as if playing football somehow means you can’t be an absolute moron.

Why am I paying attention to what Phil Neville has said? This is the Daily Rant. That’s why.

It’s right there in the title.