Mesut Özil’s impressive return from injury continued in west London on Wednesday night.

The German who, to my eyes at least, appears to be in the best form of his Arsenal career, was at the heart of everything good about the Gunners during their 2-1 win against QPR.

The fact that Özil was not directly involved in either of the goals scored at Loftus Road (well, unless you count the fact that he opened QPR’s defence up down their right with his pass to Alexis) should be of little import when assessing his performance. A performance, by the way, that saw him denied a goal by a combination of post and Rob Green. And and a clear penalty by a blind referee.

Just like the Monotowen totally ignored Mesut’s assists when “commentating” on our win against Everton- you might call it “insight” Michael, the rest of us call it nonsense.

The fact is that Özil’s command of the ball, on a pitch that was not exactly conducive to the free flowing football Arsenal prefer to play, was absolutely superb. And, in the second half, it helped Arsenal to get on the front foot time after time after time.

The problem he has, if the opinion of those who come to destroy rather than worship matters to him, is that he makes everything look so effortless.

A pass killed with one touch here, a subtle change of direction there… these are not qualities that the “blood and thunder” English football media hold dear (and we wonder why we’re still talking about 1966). But they keep Arsenal playing and they were too much for a witless QPR side.

When you consider that Özil has been lauded by the likes of Jose Mourinho (I know), Cristiano Ronaldo (I still know) and is an integral part of a German side who were, last time I checked, er… World Champions, it’s kind of difficult to take the likes of the Monotowen seriously.

To add to the “nicking a living” jibe Neil Ashton will never be allowed to forget, we had Sky Sports trying to link Alexis lack of goals recently with the return of Özil to the side (though to be fair, that was a rumour that seemed to start in Chile).

Never mind the fact that Özil was very much part of the team before his injury in late September.

Never mind the chance he laid on a plate for the Chilean at Palace 10 days ago.

At least, after Alexis ridiculous goal against QPR, we don’t have to listen to that one anymore.

Don’t ever change, Mesut, we love you just the way you are.

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