Another midweek match, another chance for hilarity avoided.

In addition to our extensive pre-match coverage of the game, we’ve got our writers together for a short prediction on how they thought the game would pan out.

Here’s how we did

Lee Hurley Win 2-0

I was pretty spot-on with most of my prediction – that it would be another slow opening from Arsenal but didn’t see the Arsenal defence allowing Charlie Austin so much space, nor David Ospina impersonating a salmon as he tried to get to the shot.

Still, if Arsenal win three points every week at the cost of me being wrong, I can live with that.

I can also live with Mesut Ozil continuing to make a lot of people look really stupid.

Helen Trantum Win 2-0

Due to her dubious taste in men, Helen missed the Arsenal game as she was forced into going to White Hart Lane on Wednesday night by her Spurs-supporting boyfriend.  #PrayForHelen.

Stephen Bradley Win 3-1

If Alexis had scored the easier of his two one-on-ones, my prediction would have been spot on.

The first half was dull, we pushed the pace in the second half and deserved our two-goal lead.

Yes, Austin’s goal was disappointing to concede, but QPR had 10 mins to create a chance after that and couldn’t get close.

All in all, a decent win.

Bring on Monday!

Paul Williams Draw 1-1

Always happy to be wrong if Arsenal are right and, aside from a tough first twenty and nervous last five, they were spot on. Gibbs and Bellerin were excellent and Coquelin- despite the mask- was superb again.

Ahead of him, Cazorla was in pull the strings mode whilst Mesut Özil’s every touch was a delight.

It was no surprise when Na na na nahhhh tapped us ahead, but Alexis’ miss with the goal at his mercy was a shocker. Happily, he quickly recovered and delivered one of those street football goals he seems to specialise in.

A drought, and agenda, laid to rest.

Along with QPR.

Sylvain Jamet Win 2-0

Sylvain is currently on international duty with the women ‘s team in Europe and struggling to get wifi access.

Lewis Ambrose Win 2-1

To their credit QPR were pretty solid and gave us a really tough evening.

For 20 minutes we barely had the ball, but then grew into the game. Özil exerted his influence for an hour or so to take complete control of affairs, and the goals in quick succession left us looking comfortable, right?


Switching off for a moment we allowed their best striker the time and space to create an effort, thankfully that was the only lapse in concentration.

I’ll settle for another accurate prediction! We’re sitting pretty in 3rd place now.

Nia Griffiths Win 3-1

We really don’t like to make things easy, do we?

Saying this, we deserved the win.

We were a little ‘chilled out’ at the beginning but after the first half an hour we dictated the game. Ozil was outstanding, as he usually is, and Bellerin also had a strong game.

We had our usual final ten minutes of heart-in-mouth panic after they got a goal back due to our strange defending.

However, we managed to see it out and get another vital three points.

Sean Ferguson Win 2-1

Well, we were never going to make it easy for ourselves were we?

After a pretty poor first half we upped our game in the second.

Ozil, Cazorla, Gibbs, Bellerin and Alexis all stepped up and how good was it to see Alexis back on the scoresheet?

We could have been three or four up before Charlie Austin pulled one back.

Not to sound too negative but what the holy hell were we doing at the back? We let him turn, pick his spot and fire one home.

At least it didn’t come back to haunt us.

Happy with the three points and a spot on prediction as well but not looking forward to predicting our next game.

Mark Fine Win 2-0

QPR came out punching (almost literally) but the problem with that tactic is that QPR is an old-ish side. They seemed to tank about a half-hour into the second half and looked defeated.

We would have coasted from there (possibly with a third) but Charlie Austin perked them up with a late-ish goal, making it 1-2. But, it was really over by then – we had outlasted them, which I’m sure was a tactic.

We do well when we make defending as a team, and we did well this time. I stopped counting the number of times we stole the ball from QPR – many times by irrational-media-target Mesut Ozil alone.

Yeah, he’s just nicking a living, Neil… riiight.

On to United… (and then Wembley).

Anita Sambol Win 2-0

Great result, good second half performance and Mesut Ozil is better than all of you.

I’m really glad Alexis finally scored, although I still wish he did things more simply most of the time.

Defensively we were okay, minus the goal situation. It was a shame that Gabriel got injured but you can’t be an Arsenal player without that.

Coquelin had a good match, Gibbs and Bellerin as well. Rosicky was pretty much awful in first half but got better over time.

Ozil is really something else and yay for five in five for Giroud,

Hope he gets six in six on Monday.

Great away fans as always.

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