Lukas Podolski has come in for heavy criticism since his move to Inter Milan in January.

Struggling to make any sort of impact with the Serie A side, he was recently informed by Roberto Mancini, via the media, that he needed to do more.

Now, the German, who seems oblivious to the repeated criticisms at all of his clubs that haven’t been FC Koln that he needs to work harder for the team, has hit back.

The hashtag addict said

“You need to swallow [criticism] in professional football. There is always another direction, meaning a positive one.

“I don’t care for media or people being critical of me. I know that this is part of the business. It’s important to know what you have to do to be better.

“The folks always want to see you hit rock bottom though.”

It’s not clear what the future holds for the World Cup winner.

With still one year to run on his current Arsenal contract there are reports that Inter Milan will be declining that chance to make his move there a permanent one and it’s impossible to see him returning to Arsenal to be anything other than a bench-warmer, something we all know he’s not happy with.

His agent confirmed that he will be Arsenal-bound in the summer, but it’s hard to see that as anything other than him returning to his parent club and you certainly shouldn’t read too much in to it.

Turkey has been mentioned as a possible option.

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