I love Gilberto.

You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who watched him play for Arsenal that doesn’t.

Speaking to the media about under-fire Mesut Ozil, the Brazilian was as measured with his comments as he was with his passing.

That hasn’t stopped some of the tabloids running with screaming headlines about Gilberto’s OZIL BLAST! or other such nonsense.

Gilberto said

“You speak about Arsenal and how they don’t spend big money on a player often but they did with Ozil and it is always a bit risky.

“Coming from Spain it is tough to adapt, it doesn’t always happen straight away.

“I think the most important thing is that the player understands the philosophy of the team, the philosophy of the manager and the expectation from the fans.

“I do really like him as a player but sometimes in the game he does look quite slow, although he has that quality to change the game.

“He can be more decisive for Arsenal for the quality he has, he can be much more decisive for the club.”

As we’ve discussed this week, Ozil has been making a lot of people look a little daft.

Shown to be the third most creative player in Premier League history, despite suffering a number of injuries since his arrival, the stats don’t lie.

Our eyes often do.

Gilberto was speaking as part of the build-up to the friendly between Brazil and Chile which is due to take place at the Emirates on March 29th.

mesut ozil why so stupid

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