Ahead of Brazil v Chile at the Emirates later this month, a number of Brazilians have been speaking about Arsenal.

Well. Two. Both of whom are ex-Arsenal players which probably explains it.

Latest to give hisĀ opinions on current matters is Edu who spoke to the media about Alexis Sanchez.

Edu said

“He is arguably their player of the season so far. Many say he is one of the current top five players in the world in his position.

“He has adapted very well to English football, but that doesn’t surprise me, given his talent.

“I don’t like to compare players from the past with current players as it depends on the moment they are playing, both internationally and at club level, but he is still young and will develop into an even better player.”

It’s hard to argue with that, really.

Sanchez has been outstanding and the fact that it is his first season in the Premier League and he arrived not even able to speak English makes it even more remarkable.

He appears to have been crafted especially for the Premier League.

Given Mesut Ozil’s form since his return from injury, however, the Chilean might be pushed close for the award of Arsenal’s best player of 2014/15.

One thing is for certain, between the two of them, it’s going to be great fun watching them battle it out.

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