Suffering a number of muscular injuries for more than the last, Aaron Ramsey has not been lucky.

While his latest hamstring injury, his third of the season so far, has not resulted in a long layoff, the midfielder, who returns to the squad against QPR, must no doubt be frustrated.

That should all be at an end, however, as Arsene Wenger revealed during his pre-match press conference that they’ve found the answer to why he has been experiencing the problems.

I wouldn’t get too excited yet, however.

Wenger told the media

“[We’ve missed] his energy level, his transitional play from offence to defence and from defence to attack and his box-to-box qualities.

“When you have a repetition of muscular injuries, in can put the handbrake on your body a little bit. To get rid of that is a psychological problem.

“I don’t think he suffers from that, looking at him in training. Certainly, you lose a bit of confidence in your body.”

Not that long ago, Wenger told the press that there was no reason he should be suffering the injuries, citing an underlying ‘biomechanical‘ or ‘medical‘ reason as it was not obvious why he should be suffering.

Of course, the manager was asked if he would reveal what the problem was.

“No,” he said

Told you not to get excited.

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