Do you know what I love?

A great ref rant.

I love a sense of injustice when we lose, something I can scream and shout about, distracting away from what was a dire performance from Arsenal.

I can’t do that this week.

Deniz Aytekin had really nothing to do during Arsenal’s capitulation against Monaco.

Every player he booked deserved to be carded, there were no big calls to be made save the handball in the box early in the first half and given his position, and that of his assistants, there is no way they could be expected to see it.

A strict referee, he had no need to flaunt his authoritarian nature and this is quite possibly the shortest review I’ve written this season.

Tackles weren’t flying in, players weren’t showing any dissent, in a way, they game could probably have been played without him. Sure, there were a couple of fouls he might have given, but nothing that had any sort of impact.

This defeat was all Arsenal.

No-one else was involved.

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