It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Alexis Sanchez has stopped scoring goals.

Many people are wondering why that might be, with the sane and rational amongst them pointing out that it might be because he’s completely buggered and needs a rest.

He hasn’t scored since the game against Stoke on January 11th.

Then there are those in Chile who write for their papers and websites who think it’s all the fault of Mesut Ozil and Olivier Giroud, claiming that the Bionic Mosquito’s performances have dropped off since they’ve returned to the side.

It’s an anomaly that Sanchez has yet to find the net when Ozil has been on the pitch but it’s not as if Alexis hasn’t had the opportunities to score in that time.

El Mercurio and La Tereca in Chile believe that

“Alexis played the full 90 minutes [against Monaco] without too much shine.

“He started on the left side, then went to the right and to the centre of the attack before finishing as the number 10.

“He was incisive but, as it happened since the start of 2015, coinciding with a knee injury and the return to action of Ozil, who is overshadowing him, he failed to make the difference as he used to do during the first part of the campaign.”

The return of a world class playmaker or a human being feeling the effects of playing too much football?