Olivier Giroud is enjoying one of the best spells of his career.

Coming back from his broken ankle like a man who had found his personal mission, his two goals against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup at the weekend took him to double figures for the season despite his three-month absence.

Quite possibly the most underrated striker in the Premier League, he has overcome being unfairly stuck with the label of ‘flop‘ after he arrived, something the media seem to take great pleasure in doing to Arsenal players when they sign for the club unless they put in Sanchez-esque performances on a weekly basis (Mesut Ozil, anyone?) and has made a lot of people, Arsenal fans included, fat on┬áhumble pie.

Speaking to the LES, Giroud explained his Arsenal targets and was refreshingly honest when it came to his own confidence levels, an explanation, perhaps, of why he is so selfless when he plays.

Giroud told James Olley

“To improve as a player was my target when I signed for Arsenal, I always wanted to improve myself and give everything for the team, for the fans and the club.

“I love this shirt and I want to achieve big things with this team.

“I try to give my best every game, sometimes it goes easy, sometimes I struggle a bit more, but it is always a determination, I try to keep it high in my head, because it is my worst enemy.

“(I am asking myself) am I ready or am I not? The boss told me that before and sometimes I need to push myself a bit out of my comfort zone.”

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