Alexis Sanchez made his comeback from hamstring injury against Leicester and played long enough to pick up a knee injury.

To be fair to the Chilean, he didn’t so much pick up the knock as have it shoved down his throat by Matthew Upson, but that’s another matter.

Speaking after the game, Arsene Wenger revealed that he had wanted to take the palyer off at halftime however, Sanchez being Sanchez, had refused and said he was alright.

He wasn’t alright.

Wenger said

“Sanchez got a knock on his knee. I don’t think he was himself.

“From the moment he got this knock, he was never really comfortable.

“I don’t know for how long he will be out and whether he will be out or not.

“I haven’t seen the doctor.

“It was a heavy tackle, yes.

“I was ready to take him off at half-time but he said, ‘no it’s okay, I can go on’.

“When I watched him play I thought, ‘No, that hasn’t [got better]’.

“Sometimes when you run it off it’s just a kick but he became worse and I didn’t see him in the second half.”

Sanchez himself said after the game

While it’s great that he never wants to stop playing, I think it’s time the management stepped in and did their job.

Then again, when a player tells you he is alright and you have ten minutes to make a diagnosis and decision, what do you do?