The FA are investigating Arsenal but won’t reveal why.

So says the Daily Mail.

It is being claimed that Arsenal are under investigation because of the deal which brought Calum Chambers from Southampton to the club in the summer, a deal neither the player nor either club have a problem with.

The FA, who are said to be investigating Arsenal rather than any other parties involved, will not clarify what, exactly, they are investigating.

It is believed that a third party is unhappy about something in the deal but, as no-one will say much, nobody really has a clue what’s going on.

In the Mail’s piece, which was surprising for its lack of sensationalism, they quote an Arsenal insider who said of the £15m transfer

Everything was open, cordial and above board with Southampton throughout the Calum Chambers transfer.

The FA won’t comment on it, Chamber’s agent Alan Middleton of Cassius Sports Management won’t comment on it, and Arsenal haven’t been told what the investigation is looking for by the FA who are refusing to comment on it.

Seems reasonable.