Arsenal are hopeful that Theo Walcott can be signed to a new deal by March.

The winger, who has only just returned from a lengthy knee injury, is out of contract in the summer of 2016 and reports claim there is a new five-year deal on the table.

Talks are set to start this month according to an exclusive in the Mirror.

The situation regarding Theo’s new deal is in stark contrast to his last one when he basically had the club over a barrel.

After losing Robin van Persie to Manchester United, the club could ill-afford to see Walcott leave on a free which was how it seemed to be heading until Arsene Wenger finally convinced him to stop being stupid and ‘sing da ting.’

While Walcott’s camp made a big deal of the negotiations centring around his playing position, seeking assurances that he would be used more centrally, it is only the truly naive who believe it was about much more than money.

This time around, however, with Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla, Aaron Ramsey et al at the club and established as real fans’ favourites, the need for Arsenal to bend over for Theo is not quite as great and this contract renewal should be a lot more straightforward.

Theo Walcott, take what you're given