Having trouble deciding what to get your Arsenal-supporting partner for Valentine’s Day?

Look no further, my friend.

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your other half, sometimes it can be tricky to figure out what you’re going to buy them.

Chocolates, flowers, assorted ales, generic stuffed animals and other impersonal gifts can be great if you’ve only been with someone a short while but if you’ve been with them long enough to converse with one another, they may be expecting something a bit more tailored towards their interests.

If your partner just so happens to be an Arsenal fan, this can be a good place to start when it comes to getting them something they might actually want, and it also shows you’ve been listening if you’re not particularly interested in football. If you support another team, it just demonstrates what a strong and supportive partner you are (tongue firmly in cheek).

Here’s a rundown of what you could get the Arsenal fan in your life for Valentine’s Day.

Arsenal Books

Ah reading. The thinking man/woman’s gift. Fortunately, there are a few decent Arsenal books out written both about the team and also by the players. Depending on where your partner’s interests lie, here are some of the top rated Arsenal books you can get hold of.

Invincible: Inside Arsenal’s Unbeaten 2003-2004 Season

by Amy Lawrence (£9.98 for paperback).

Take a casual saunter down memory lane with this re-telling of the Invincible’s season in book form (2003/04), quite possibly the best Arsenal book you will ever read – at least until Arsene Wenger writes his.

The Arsenal Shirt: The History of the Iconic Gunners Jersey Told Through an Extraordinary Collection of Match Worn Shirts

by Simon Shakeshaft (£19.99 for hardcover).

Discover the history behind our beautiful shirt.

Stillness and Speed: My Story

by Dennis Bergkamp (£10 for hardcover).

Or, alternatively, there is the bible.

However, if your aim is to be single come February 15th

The Ultimate Spurs Quiz Book: 1,250 Questions Covering the 80s, 90s and 2000s

by Chris Cowlin (£8.99 for paperback).

Arsenal Clothing

Of course you can buy them a personalised, up to date Arsenal kit complete with surname on the back from the Arsenal store but why not think outside the box? Who wants official when you can find bizarre items of clothing which they can wear every day? Here are some alternative clothing suggestions to your standard jersey.

Jack Wilshere No.10

Show an appreciation for your other half’s love of both hard alcohol and our very own Jack Wilshere with this stylish t-shirt.

(£9.99 – £12.99)

Arsenal socks

How about these then? It’s still a bit chilly out so why not splash out on some of these fetching Arsenal socks? Maybe not the best idea, however, if you’re trying to convince the man in your life to take his off.


Pass to Sanchez!

Relish in some Grade-A banter with your other half while sporting this hilarious t-shirt


Arsenal fun

When the going gets tough, the tough get drinking. Here are some completely standard drinking utensils made more desirable by the fact they have an Arsenal logo on them.


These sparkling shot glasses can be given together with the new, trendy Jack Wilshere t-shirt shown above but make sure you throw in an actual bottle of Jack.


Bottoms up

Allow your partner to show off what a top lad/ladette they are with this fabulous Arsenal pint glass.


Be prepared

And just in case…


Stress Relief

Hey, no one said being an Arsenal fan was easy, but with these handy items you can help relief the stress from your partner’s life.

That hits the spot

Take out the frustration which comes with a humiliating defeat by throwing darts at this sturdy dartboard.


Photo of Piers Morgan to accompany dartboard optional.


How to Deal with Stress: The Ultimate Stress Guide

by Jim Lee Crocket (99p for Kindle version).

Alternatively, help them learn positive coping mechanisms when dealing with poor refereeing decisions.

Balls to that

Stress balls are a therapeutic way of working out anxiety. A common side effect which comes with being an Arsenal supporter.



Finally, a gift that will have your partner falling at your knees and get you off the hook for that time you threw up in the sink on New Year’s Eve. Behold.

Gnomebody does it better


Failing all that, why not take them to an Arsenal match? Your partner, not the gnome.

Arsenal play Middlesbrough in the FA Cup this weekend, perfect for couples in love.

Trust us!