Sunday’s game against Brighton left a few of us wondering quite what had happened that the scoreline was so close, but how did our pre-match predictions stack up?

In addition to our extensive pre-match coverage of the game, we got our writers together for a short prediction on how they thought the game would pan out.

Here’s what they think of their predictions after the game:

Lee Hurley Predicted 3-1 Win

I was close, but the final scoreline of 3-2 is about as far from an accurate reflection of the game as you can get. Arsenal dominated for the majority but, of course, being Arsenal, had a couple of defensive wobbles and were punished severely for them.

The performance was there from Arsenal and without a left-back playing as a centreback, it’s likely we would have won this game with a fifth cleansheet in a row.

We didn’t, but we’re in the hat for the next round and that’s all that matters.

Helen Trantum Predicted 3-1 Win

3-1 seems to have been a popular score line this week, but it just goes to show that we all know nothing as a fine finish from Baldock put paid to our predictions!

Although their goals didn’t altogether stem from misunderstandings, they still came from some fairly poor defending as Nacho and Kos didn’t look a match made in heaven.

At the other end I did at least get a goal from Walcott and contribution from Ozil, although Akpom didn’t get enough minutes given the way the game went.

With nothing much to play for in league terms, Brighton did at last show up in the second half, but although we contrived to make it a bit uncomfortable, this was a day when few teams could live with the Arsenal attack.

Watch us draw Man Utd/Cambridge (A) in the next round now.

Stephen Bradley Predicted 3-0 Win

I said 3-0 and Brighton had two half-decent shots on goal all game, and both of them involved the ball going through a defender’s legs at a crucial point. And of course, because it’s Arsenal, both chances found their way into the bottom corner of our goal.

We won 3-2, but as a contest, we were in control for vast swathes of the game. Any time we decided to cut through their defence, we did.

When Mesut Özil is our 4th best player in a game, we’re doing well.

Paul Williams Predicted 3-1 Win

I was a Tomas Rosicky away from correctly predicting Arsenal’s starting line up correctly and a goal out in my prediction.

As it happens, Tomas was far and away the stand out performer in Arsenal’s 3-2 win at Brighton yesterday.

For the most part, particularly in the first half, we got the professional job expected from the boys, although Brighton’s second goal did make life a little less comfortable than I would have liked.

After a weekend which saw City, Spurs and, most hilariously, Chelsea fall by the wayside, I don’t feel like complaining too much.

Sylvain Jamet Predicted 5-1 Win

My 5-1 prediction was a bit much.

I did get the early goal right and although I expected to concede one, I did not expect two goals to be shipped.

Overall, with the number of upsets during the weekend going through was the main thing.

The problems seen during the game will need to be ironed-out in training, especially the need to get back to defending as well as we did in the City game.

If you do not concede you do not lose (in normal time).

Lewis Ambrose Predicted 2-0 Win

As I said, I was delighted to see Mesut and Theo back, and even mentioned that I’d love a Walcott goal!

The comfortable 2-0 win I predicted didn’t quite come true; we probably would have comfortably won the game but for the goal coming so soon after half-time.

Shoutout to Rosicky who I expected to start, but didn’t predict such a performance from!

Nia Griffiths Predicted 3-1 Win

Alright, so 3-1 may have been a tiny bit optimistic.

I’m still a little bit at odds with myself over yesterday’s result because although the result indicates a tight match, despite a couple of defensive cock-ups (we are Arsenal, after all), I feel like we generally played pretty well.

We dominated for the majority of the first half and were solid for most of the second. Saying that, it was far from a simple win and their home advantage, combined with our downright bizarre defending, encouraged them to score not just one but two goals.

Although we didn’t get the runaway win most of us (and our hearts) would have appreciated, it was a bloody good game; Theo and Mesut are back, and we’ve progressed to the FA Cup Fifth Round.

Onwards and upwards. Happy days.

Nia’s player ratings can be seen here.

Andi Foster Predicted 2-1 Win

I’ll give myself a 7 out of 10 for my prediction.

I didnt get the score right – although my prediction of Arsenal making it hard for themselves with defensive “issues” was correct.

Job done, but we will have to up our game for the next round.

Sean Ferguson Predicted 3-0 Win

I predicted a comfortable 3-0 win before hand and barring a couple of preventable goals that would’ve been the case!

The rotation seemed to affect us at the back a little but nothing to worry about in the end.

Stated Walcott, Rosicky and Ozil could make the difference and they all had a hand in three impressive goals. It’ll be nice for us to be able to rotate these three in regularly over the next month as we enter another period of three games a week to keep the front line fresh.

We are through which is the main thing so here’s hoping for a nice home draw on Monday night!

Alan Knowles-Best Predicted 5-0 Win

Saturday’s results surely put paid to Akpom’s theoretical start, so I’m claiming my money back on that prediction!

This was a game that Arsenal could well have won 5-0 with some slightly more clinical finishing, but Arsene clearly decided the players needed to work for it to keep them grounded. A good day.

Winnie O’Blindt Predicted 2-1 Win

High five to Andi, since no one else thought we’d find this game very difficult.

Some frankly calamitous defending left us hanging on, but we did at least see some decent forward play particularly in the first half and hallelujah we didn’t concede the first goal!

Mind you, there were only 89 seconds in which to do so – that would be a stretch even for this team.

I did find it frankly appalling to see Alexis come off the bench, get studded on the knee and taken out by five Brighton players in the same jinking run. Not sure what Arsene was thinking there.

Fingers crossed there are no injury issues reported ahead of next weekend then.

Into the hat we go.

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