We all know this story.

A team who can’t hope to match Arsenal playing football admits they will have to ‘get amongst them’ and, the end result, Arsenal end up getting kicked to pieces and the referee does nothing about it because, hey! It’s a man’s game, right?

Speaking to the media ahead of Arsenal’s visit on Sunday, Brighton’s captain, Gordon Greer, has admitted that his team will need ‘the dark stuff’ to match the Gunners on Sunday.

Greer who was labelled ‘brutal’ by Robert Lewansowski after Poland played Scotland, said when asked if his side would need to sacrifice their playing style in order to get far more physical with Arsenal

‘All football teams need that.

 ‘You can’t just play football all the time. You need the dark stuff and we’ve got that and I’m sure Arsenal have as well.’

A taste of what Arsenal can expect at the AMEX
A taste of what Arsenal can expect at the AMEX

‘You can’t just play football all the time’ – isn’t that the f**king point of a game of football? To play football?

As I said in this piece when Peter Crouch issued Stoke’s second apology after two Arsenal players were injured by Stoke players during our league game against them a couple of weeks ago; when a team set out to play hard they must be held responsible for the damage they cause.

Will Michael Oliver be up to the task?