Talk of Arsenal having an extremely limited transfer budget this summer is just “speculation”, according to Communications Director Mark Gonnella.

The Telegraph wrote this week that whichever manager ends up taking over from Arsene Wenger will only have £50m to work with this summer. They claimed that the club breaking their record transfer fee twice and giving Mesut Özil a new contract in the last year leave them without much to spend in the upcoming window.

Twitter user Chris Davison contacted the club for comment on these claims. Gonnella responded that they never discuss their budget with the media, and it’s all speculation.

To be honest, it doesn’t surprise me that The Telegraph decided to write this story. If there’s one thing the English media are good for, it’s profiting off panicked and angry Arsenal fans.

Clearly they want to make sure the new manager inherits the club with the fanbase already in that state.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be true. From the sounds of things, we’ll only really know the manager’s budget for sure when we see what they spend this summer. Either way, it’s more about how the new boss spends the money than how much cash he parts with.