Tottenham Hotspur have announced their season ticket prices for their new stadium, and fans are set to pay out even more than they do at Arsenal.

On Monday, Tottenham revealed the new ticket costs, and there’s a pretty steep price increase for their supporters. This season, Spurs’ most expensive season ticket cost £1,700, but in the new ground it will be £1,995.

That’s not including their “1882 Season Ticket Plus”, which costs £2,200. I’ve taken this ticket out of consideration because it’s more similar to the Arsenal Club Level than a standard seat.

By comparison, Arsenal’s most expensive season ticket costs £1,768. What’s more, that cost includes seven home matches in the FA Cup and in Europe, whilst Spurs’ fans are only paying for Premier League games.

Per game, that means Tottenham fans are paying a maximum of £105 per game, whilst Arsenal fans pay £68.

That’s not what the majority of supporters will pay though. The most popular – and cheapest – season ticket at the Arsenal ground costs £891 (just over £34 a game).

Tottenham will only sell two tickets for cheaper than that, at £795 and £875. Those tickets make up the tiny pink section at the bottom left of the pitch and the light orange section at the back of the North and South stands in the graphic below:

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As you can see, those tickets will clearly not be Tottenham’s most popular, as they only make up a small section of the ground. Even if they were, the £795 ticket still works out as £41.84 per game, £7.84 more than Arsenal’s cheapest ticket.

Europa League discount 

It’s worth keeping in mind that Arsenal fans are currently getting a discount thanks to the club’s Europa League participation.

If the club make it back into the Champions League, their most popular ticket will rise to £1,014, and their most expensive will hit £2,013.

Even so, supporters will still spend significantly less than Spurs fans per game, paying from £39 to £77.42.

Looks like followers of Mauricio Pochettino’s side will have to cough up a lot extra to watch their team almost win trophies from now on.