Charlie Nicholas believes that Arsenal should sell David Ospina, Francis Coqouelin AND Granit Xhaka this summer.

“Arsenal are caught in a catch 22 with the Wenger situation, plus we still don’t know what’s going to happen with Sanchez and Ozil,” Nicholas told Sky Sports.

“They have to get these big things sorted before they can do anything.

“I’d like to see five or six sold and then go in after some statement signings.

“I would sell David Ospina and bring in Joe Hart to get a bit of aggressive British attitude back in the side and then sort out the midfield by getting rid of Francis Coquelin and, if Bayern are as interested as I read, try to recoup the money spent on Granit Xhaka.”

While I can agree with Charlie on the first two, it’s just ridiculous to suggest that the club should sell Granit Xhaka who only just arrived for more than £30m.

Those who don’t watch Xhaka on a regular basis merely see the headlines. These are always generated by some latest official showing that he too reads the papers.

Xhaka the player, away from the media narrative, is a silky smooth passer of the ball. His distribution is simply superb as is his overall game. Did Nicholas ever stop to think why Bayern Munich might be interested in Xhaka in the first place? Could it possibly be because he’s a bloody good player?

Also, if you gave me the choice between Joe Hart and Wojciech Szczesny, I’d shoot you in the face for suggesting Hart.

According to Nicholas, Arsenal are good enough for City’s cast-offs but should sell a player that Bayern Munich want? What sort of stupid strategy is that?

As for ‘aggressive British attitude’ I’m pretty sure that’s what Xhaka brings to the side and he gets punished for it because, well, he isn’t British.