Arsenal’s work in Eastern Uganda recently featured on Africa Live, a news programme in the country.

But it’s not about football, although the children at the school take part in the game. Arsenal are helping support and nurture the children.

“A recent donation by English Premier League club, Arsenal, raised spirits here,” said the presented. “Arsenal gave the school jerseys and funds for the pitch.

“The school wants to nurture the talents of these children and also has a long-term to plan to yield a football academy. But while the administrators seek more support to achieve their goal, the Arsenal kids are already scoring.”

“One of our aims is to develop these children physically and mentally. So what we are doing, we give them our purposes, our objectives and Arsenal thought they could abide them,” added the Director of Family Hope, Robert Kirimwita.

“I enjoyed today’s game. I managed to run so fast and scoring the goal felt so nice. I could be like Sanchez,” beemed one of the children who can be seen in the video below: