Calum Chambers is set for a life as a central defender, which is handy as that’s his favoured position.

Speaking to, the manager has been raving about the 20-year-old who arrived at the club in the summer and was thrown in at the deep end due to the injury crisis at the club.

Although playing as a right back for Southampton, Chambers has said that he sees himself as a centreback, something the boss very much agrees with.

“First, his stature [suits that position],” Wenger said. “The fact he is intelligent and reads the game well, the fact that he’s more at ease in the middle.

“On the flank, today you need more pace, more change of direction, more agility. He has the stamina, the power and the quality to be a central midfielder or a central defender.

“He’s pretty much there. At the moment I have players who have more experience than he has [at centre back], but in pre-season I will play him there.

“He has had some difficult games, but that’s part of gaining experience and the learning process,” the manager said.

“It did teach him, he’s an intelligent boy, he thinks about his game after – how he could have blocked him [Montero] better, how he could have stopped the crosses and to read the game of your opponent is an important part for a defender.”

What this also means is that we are unlikely to see another centreback arrive at the club during the summer, something the manager confirmed.

Wenger has often said that a top club should have four central defenders and in Laurent Koscielny, Per Mertesacker, Gabriel and Chambers, that’s exactly what the club have.

And let’s not forget that Mathieu Debuchy and Nacho Monreal can be deployed there in an emergency, as Wenger reminded us:

“[Mathieu] Debuchy can play there, [Nacho] Monreal can play there, so you can say we are not out to buy a central defender.

“And Gabriel will be a great central defender.

“So we have now sorted out the centre backs.