Like many online businesses, the next few months (at least) are going to be rough for us here at Daily Cannon. I started this site 12 years ago and never dreamt that it would go on to grow as large as it has and would pay my bills and some other people.

There are a few ways you can help us keep going, many of which don’t require you to spend any money.

  • Click on an extra couple of articles and let the pages load fully.
  • Share our Tweets and Facebook posts.
  • Encourage friends to check us out.
  • Send us ideas of what you’d like us to cover on the site.
  • If you’re buying something on Amazon, click this link first and we will get a very small % of what you purchase.
  • Have a look in our shop and see if there’s anything there you’d like to buy.
  • Finally, if you have any spare cash, you can donate directly here.

Thank you so much for your support and if you can think of anyway we can help you, please don’t be afraid to get in touch.